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abline - Draws a line on the current axes with a given slope and intercept.
alignmat - Alignment of matrices and N-way arrays.
alignpeaks - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard peaks.
alignspectra - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard spectrum.
als - Alternating Least Squares computational engine.
analysis - Graphical user interface for data analysis.
analyzeparticles - Analyze particles (blobs, connected regions) in image.
anglemapper - Classification based on angle measures between signals.
ann - Artificial Neural Network regression models.
anova1w - One-way analysis of variance.
anova2w - Two-way analysis of variance.
anovadoe - Function to perform ANOVA for 2^k factorial model X, Y data.
areadr - Reads ascii data and strips header.
arithmetic - Apply simple arithmetic operations to all or part of dataset.
asca - Apply ANOVA Simultaneous Component Analysis to a crossed DOE dataset.
asdreadr - Imports data from Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Indico (Versions 6 and 7) data files.
asfreadr - Reads AIT ASF files.
auto - Autoscales matrix to mean zero unit variance.
autocor - Auto-correlation function for time series data.
autoset - GUI used to modfiy settings of auto.
autoexport - Exports a DataSet object to a file of the specified format.
autoimport - Automatically reads specified file. Handles all standard filetypes.


b3spline - Univariate spline fit and prediction.
baseline - Subtracts a polynomial baseline offset from spectra.
baselinew - Baseline using windowed polynomial filter.
besttime - Returns a string describing the time interval provided (in seconds).
batchalign - Convert data columns based on matching ref col to target vector.
batchdigester - Parse wafer or batch data into MPCA or Summary PCA form.
batchfold - Transform batch data into dataset for analysis.
batchmaturity - Batch process model and monitoring.
boxbehnken - Create a Box-Behnken Design of Experiments.
browse - PLS_Toolbox Toolbar and Workspace browser.
brukerxrpdreadr - Reads Bruker XRPD RAW files into a DataSet object.
builddbstr - Builds a database connection string.


calccvbias - Calculate the Cross-Validation Bias from a cross-validated model.
calcdifference - Calculate normalized difference between two datasets.
calibsel - Statistical procedure for variable selection.
caltransfer - Create or apply calibration and instrument transfer models.
ccdface - Create a Face-Centered Central Composite Design of Experiments.
ccdsphere - Create a Spherical Central Composite Design of Experiments.
cellne - Compares two cells for inequality in size and/or values.
centerfigure - Places a given figure into a centered default position.
chilimit - Chi-squared confidence limits from sum-of-squares residuals.
choosecomp - Automatic selection of components for various model types.
choosencomp - GUI to select number of components from SSQ table.
class2logical - Create a PLSDA logical block from class assignments.
classcenter - Centers classes in data to the mean of each class.
classcentroid - Centers data to the centroid of all classes.
classcolors - Defines the colors to be used for classes in plots.
classsummary - List class and axisscale distributions for a DataSet.
cluster - KNN and K-means cluster analysis with dendrograms.
cls - Classical Least Squares regression for multivariate Y.
coadd - Reduce resolution through combination of adjacent variables or samples.
coda_dw - Calculates values for the Durbin_Watson criterion of columns of data set.
coda_dw_interactive - Interactive version of CODA_DW.
comparelcms_sim_interactive - Interactive interface for COMPARELCMS.
comparelcms_simengine - Calculational Engine for comparelcms.
comparemodels - Create summary table of models' performance statistics.
comparevars - Compares two variables of any type and returns differences.
compressmodel - Remove references to unused variables from a model.
confusionmatrix - Create confusion matrix.
confusiontable - Create confusion table.
conload - Congruence loadings for PARAFAC, TUCKER and NPLS.
constrainfit - Finds A minimizing ||X-A*B'|| subject to constraints, given XtB and BtB.
cooksd - Calculates Cooks Distance based on regression model.
copycvfields - Copy cross-validation results into model from structure.
copydsfields - Copies informational fields between datasets and/or models.
corcondia - Evaluates consistency of PARAFAC model.
coreanal - Analysis of the core array of a Tucker model.
corecalc - Calculate the Tucker3 core given the data array and loadings.
correctbias - Adjusts a regression model for bias and slope errors.
corrmap - Correlation map with variable grouping.
corrspec - Resolves correlation spectroscopy maps.
cov_cv - Estimation of a regularized inverse covariance matrix.
cow - Correlation Optimized Warping function with linear interpolation.
cr - Continuum Regression for multivariate y.
crcvrnd - Cross-validation for continuum regression.
crosscor - Cross-correlation function for time series data.
crossval - Cross-validation for decomposition and linear regression.


datahat - Calculates the model estimate and residuals of the data.
datasetdemo - Demonstrates use of the dataset object.
dbscan - Density-based automatic sample clustering.
delsamps - Deletes samples (rows) or variables (columns) from data matrices.
demos - Demo list for the PLS_Toolbox.
deresolv - Changes high resolution spectra to low resolution.
discrimprob - Discriminate probabilities for continuous predicted values.
dispmat - Calculates the dispersion matrix of two spectral data sets.
distslct - Selects samples on outside of data space.
doeeffectsplot - Create main effect or interaction plot, incl LSD bars.
doegen - Generate a Design of Experiments (DOE) DataSet object.
doegui - Design of Experiments tool.
doeinteractions - Calculates interaction terms of a raw DOE matrix.
doerunsheet - Create a doe run sheet.
doescale - Convert coded DOE to scaled DOE or scaled back to coded.
doptimal - Selects samples based on D-Optimal criteria.
dp - Draws a diagonal line on an existing figure.
durbin_watson - Criterion for measure of continuity.


editds - Editor for DataSet Objects.
eemoutlier - Automatically remove outliers in PARAFAC models of EEM data.
ellps - Plots an ellipse on an existing figure.
encode - Translates a variable into matlab-executable code.
encodemethod - Create a cross-validation index vector for a given method.
encodemodelbuilder - Create MATLAB m-code which will regenerate a given model.
encodexml - Convert standard data types into XML-encoded text.
erdlgpls - Error dialog.
estimatefactors - Estimate number of significant factors in multivariate data.
evolvfa - Evolving factor analysis (forward and reverse).
evriaddon - Create an Eigenvector Add-On object.
evriclearlicense - Clears any stored EVRI license information.
evricompatibility - Tests for inter-product compatibility of Eigenvector toolboxes.
evridebug - Checks the PLS_Toolbox installation for problems.
evridir - Locate and or create EVRI home directory.
evriinstall - Install Eigenvector Research Product.
evrimovepath - Move all Eigenvector products to the top or bottom of the Matlab path.
evrirelease - Returns Eigenvector product release number.
evrireporterror - Gathers error information and optionally reports it.
evriscript - Create a chain of steps where each step applies a single pls_toolbox function.
evritraperror - Utility to retrieve error information for debugging purposes.
evriuninstall - Uninstall an Eigenvector Research toolbox.
evriupdate - Check for available PLS_Toolbox updates.
ewfa - Evolving window factor analysis.
excludemissing - Automatically exclude too-much missing data in a matrix.
explode - Extracts variables from a structure array to the workspace.
exportfigure - Automatically export figures to an external program.
exteriorpts - Select samples on the exterior of a data space after normalizing samples.


factdes - Full factorial design of experiments.
fastnnls - Fast non-negative least squares.
fasternnls - Fast non-negative least squares.
ffacconfusion - Generates confusion table for a fractional factorial DOE.
ffacdes1 - Fractional factorial design of experiments.
figbrowser - Browser with icons of all Matlab figures.
figmerit - Analytical figures of merit for multivariate calibration.
figuretheme - Resets a figure background and axes to a specified color.
filtering_and_despiking_settings_gui - Settings GUI for filtering and despiking preprocessing method
findindx - Finds the index of the array element closest to value r.
fir2ss - Transform FIR model into equivalent state space model.
fitpeaks - Peak fitting routine.
flucut - Remove scatter from fluorescence EEM data.
frpcr - Full-ratio PCR calibration and prediction.
frpcrengine - Engine for full-ratio PCR regression.
ftest - F test and inverse F test statistic.
fullsearch - Exhaustive Search Algorithm for small problems.


gaselctr - Genetic algorithm for variable selection with PLS.
genalg - Genetic Algorithm for Variable Selection.
genalgplot - Plot GA results using selected variable plot, color-coded by RMSECV.
gapsegment - Provides Gap-Segment derivatives.
getdatasource - Extract summary dataset info.
getmlversion - Returns current Matlab version as an integer.
getpidata - Uses the current PI connection to construct a DSO from 'taglist'.
getplspref - Get overriding options (preferences) for PLS_Toolbox functions.
glog - Generalized log transform.
glsw - Generalized least-squares weighting/preprocessing.
gram - Generalized rank annihilation method.
gscale - Group/block scaling for a single or multiple blocks.
gscaler - Applies group/block scaling to submatrices of a single matrix.
gselect - Selects objects in a figure (various selection styles).


helppls - Context related help on the PLS_Toolbox.
hitachieemreadr - Reads Hitachi EEM files with Rayleigh removal.
horibamultimodelapply - Apply multiple models to Horiba Aqualog samples.
hjyreadr - Reads HORIBA Jobin Yvon files (Windows Only).
hline - Adds horizontal lines to figure at specified locations.
importtool - GUI for designating column/row data types in incoming data.
infobox - Display a string in an information box.
ils_esterror - Estimation error for ILS models.
ipls - Interval PLS variable selection.
ismac - Overload of ISMAC for backward compatibility.
ismodel - Returns boolean TRUE if input object is a standard model structure.
jcampreadr - Reads a JCAMP file into a DataSet object.
jmlimit - Confidence limits for Q residuals via Jackson-Mudholkar.
kennardstone - Select a subset of samples from a data set by the Kennard-Stone algorithm.
knn - K-nearest neighbor classifier.
knnscoredistance - Calculate the average distance to the k-Nearest Neighbors in score space.
kurtosis - Returns the kurtosis statistic for a vector or matrix.
lamsel - Determines indices of wavelength axes in specified ranges.
lddlgpls - Dialog to load variable from workspace or MAT file.
leverag - Calculate sample leverages.
line_filter - Spectral filtering.
lmoptimize - Levenberg-Marquardt non-linear optimization.
lmoptimizebnd - Levenberg-Marquardt bounded non-linear optimization.
localmaxima - Automated identification of local maxima.
logdecay - Mean centers and variance scales a matrix using the log decay of the variable axis.
loopfilereadr - An example function for reading files in a loop from a directory.
lreg - Predictions based on softmax multinomial logistic regression model.
lregda - Predictions based on Logistic Regression (LREGDA) classification models.
lsq2top - Fits a polynomial to the top/(bottom) of data.
lwr - Locally weighted regression for univariate Y.
lwrpred - Engine for locally weighted regression models.


madc - Function that is a scale estimator given by the Median Absolute Deviation.
matchrows - Matches up rows from two DataSet objects using labels or sizes.
matchvars - Align variables of a dataset to allow prediction with a model.
manrotate - Graphical interface to manually rotate model loadings.
MCCT_Object - Class for modelcentric calibration transfer.
mcr - Multivariate curve resolution with constraints.
mdcheck - Missing Data Checker and infiller.
med2top - Fits a constant to top/(bottom) of data.
medcn - Median center scales matrix to median zero.
minimizemodel - Shrinks model by removing non-critical information.
minmax - min-max scaling, scales each row or column to have a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1
mlpca - Maximum likelihood principal components analysis.
mlr - Multiple Linear Regression for multivariate Y.
mlrengine - Multiple Linear Regression computational engine.
mlsca - Apply Multi-level Simultaneous Component Analysis to a nested DOE dataset.
mncn - Scale matrix to mean zero.
modelcache - Stores and retrieves models in the model cache.
modeloptimizer - Create model for iterating over analysis models.
modeloptimizergui - GUI for modeloptimizer.
modelselector - Create or apply a model selector model.
modelstatssummary - Generate a succinct list of descriptive model statistics.
modelstruct - Constructs an empty model structure.
modelviewer - Visualization tool for multi-way models.
modlpred - Predictions using standard model structures.
modlrder - Displays model info for standard model structures.
moveobj - Interactively reposition graphics objects.
mpca - Multi-way (unfold) principal components analysis.
mplot - Automatic creation of subplots and plotting.
mscorr - Multiplicative scatter/signal correction (MSC).
msc_settings_gui - GUI for MSC Preprocessing.
ms_bin - Bins Mass Spectral data into user-defined bins.
mtfreadr - Read AdventaCT Multi-Trace Format (MTF) files.
multiblock - Create or apply a multiblock model for joining data.


netcdfreadr - Reads in netCDF files and outputs a DataSet and or structure.
newtondf - Newton's root finder.
nippls - NIPALS Partial Least Squares computational engine.
normaliz - Normalize rows of matrix.
npls - Multilinear-PLS (N-PLS) for true multi-way regression.
npreprocess - Preprocessing of multi-way arrays.
nvalidate - Validate the number PARAFAC or Tucker components.
omnicreadr - Reads OMNICix HDF5 image files.
opcclient - Creates an object which allows access to OPC servers.
openfluor - Write a PARAFAC model output to text file ready for importing in OpenFluor.
oplecorr - Optical Pathlength Estimation and Correction.
opusreadr - Reads Bruker OPUS files.
oscapp - Applies OSC model to new data.
osccalc - Calculates orthogonal signal correction (OSC).
outerm - Computes outer product of any number of vectors.


parafac - Parallel factor analysis for n-way arrays.
parafac2 - Parallel factor analysis for unevenly sized n-way arrays.
parafacforopenfluor - Exports data/dso and parafac model as a openfluor .txt file
parsemixed - Parse numerical and text data into a DataSet Object.
parsexml - Convert XML file to a MATLAB structure.
pca - Principal components analysis.
pcaengine - Principal Components Analysis computational engine.
pcapro - Projects new data on old principal components model.
pcolormap - Pseudocolor plot with labels and colorbar.
pcr - Principal components regression for multivariate Y.
pcrengine - Principal Component Regression computational engine.
peakfind - Automated identification of peaks.
peakfunction - Outputs the estimated peaks from parameters in PEAKDEF.
peakstruct - Makes an empty peak definition structure.
peaksigmoid - Outputs a sigmoid function.
percentile - Finds percentile point (similar to MEDIAN).
pereadr - Reads PerkinElmer format files.
permutetest - Permutation testing for regression and classification models.
permuteplot - Create plot of permutation test results.
permuteprobs - Display probabilities derrived from permutation testing.
ploteigen - Builds dataset object of eigenvalues/RMSECV information.
plotgui - Interactive data viewer.
plotloads - Extract and display loadings information from a model structure.
plotmonotonic - Plot lines with breaks when the x-value "doubles-back" on itself.
plotscores - Extract and display score information from a model.
pls - Partial least squares regression for multivariate Y.
plsda - Partial least squares discriminant analysis.
plsdaroc - Calculate and display ROC curves for PLSDA model.
plsdthres - Bayesian threshold determination for PLS Discriminate Analysis.
plslogo - Generates PLS_Toolbox CR surface logo.
plsnipal - NIPALS algorithm for one PLS latent variable.
plspulsm - Identifies FIR dynamics models for MISO systems.
plsrsgcv - Generate PLS models for MSPC with cross-validation.
plsrsgn - Generates a matrix of PLS models for MSPC.
plsver - Displays version information.
pltreadr – Reads a Vision Air PLT model file as an EVRI model structure.
plttern - Plots a 2D ternary diagram.
pltternf - Plots a 3D ternary diagram with frequency of occurrence.
poissonscale - Perform Poisson scaling with scaling offset.
polyinterp - Polynomial interpolation, smoothing, and differentiation.
polytransform - Add polynomial and cross terms to data matrix or dataset.
polypls - PLS regression with polynomial inner-relation.
pqnorm - Probabilistic Quotient Normalization for rows of a matrix.
preprocess - Selection and application of standard preprocessing structures.
preprocessiterator - Create array of preprocessing combinations.
preprouser - User-defined preprocessing methods.
projdemo - Demo of the MLR, PCR, and PLS regression vectors.
purity - Self-modeling mixture analysis method based on purity of variables or spectra.
purityengine - calculates purity values of columns of data set.


querydb - Executes a query on a database defined by connection string.
qconcalc - Calculate Q residuals contributions for predictions on a model.
randomttest - Randomization t-test for evaluating residuals from two models.
range - Calculates the range of the values.
readme - Release notes for Version 5.0 of PLS_Toolbox.
reducennsamples - Selects a subset of samples by removing nearest neighbors.
regcon - Converts regression model to y = ax + b form.
registerspec - Shift spectra based on expected peak locations.
replace - Replaces variables based on PCA or PLS models.
reportwriter - Write a summary of the analysis including associated figures to html/word/powerpoint.
rescale - Scales data back to original scaling.
residuallimit - Esitmates confidence limits for the sum of squared residuals.
resize - Resizes arguments to same length.
reversebytes - Flips order of bytes in a word.
reviewcrossval - Examines cross-validation settings for typical problems.
reviewmodel - Examines a standard model structure for typical problems.
ridge - Ridge regression by Hoerl-Kennard-Baldwin.
ridgecv - Ridge regression by cross validation.
rinverse - Calculate pseudo inverse for PLS, PCR and RR models.
rmse - Calculate Root Mean Square Error.
roccurve - Calculate and display ROC curve(s) for yknown and ypred.
rwb - Red white and blue color map.


sammon - Sammon projection for data.
savgol - Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation.
savgolcv - Cross-validation for Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation.
scale - Scales data using specified means and std. devs.
setpath - Modifies and saves current directory to the MATLAB search path.
setplspref - Set overriding options (preferences) for PLS_Toolbox functions.
shimadzueemreadr – Reads Shimadzu EEM files with Rayleigh removal.
shuffle - Randomly re-orders matrix and multiple blocks rows.
signtest - Pairwise sign test for evaluating residuals from two models.
simca - Soft Independent Method of Class Analogy.
simpls - Partial Least Squares computational engine using SIMPLS algorithm.
skewness: Returns the skewness statistic for a vector or matrix.
snabsreadr - Reads Stellarnet ABS XY files.
snv - Standard normal variate scaling.
spareadr - Reads Thermo Fisher SPA files.
spcreadr - Reads a Galactic SPC file.
specalignset - Settings used to modfiy spectral alignment.
specedit - GUI for selecting spectral regions on a plot.
spereadr - Reads Princeton Instruments SPE file.
spgreadr - Reads Thermo Fischer SPG files.
splitcaltest - Splits randomly ordered data into calibration and test sets.
splitds - Splits a DSO based on unique values in field, mode (dim), and set.
splithalf - performs splithalf validation of PARAFAC and PARAFAC2 models.
ssqtable - Displays variance captured table for model.
statdemo - Elementary stats, t test, F test and AVOVA.
stddemo - Demo of the STDSSLCT, STDGEN, and OSCCALC functions.
stdfir - Standardization based on FIR modelling.
stdgen - Piecewise and direct standardization transform generator.
stdize - Applies transform from STDGEN to new spectra.
stdsslct - Selects data subsets (often for use in standardization).
stepwise_regrcls - Step-wise regression for CLS models.
string_x - Add backslash before troublesome TeX characters.
subgroupcl - Displays a confidence ellipse for points in a two-dimensional plot.
summary - Summarizing statistics for sample data.
super_reduce - Eliminates highly correlated variables.
svdlgpls - Dialog to save variable to workspace or MAT file.
svm - SVM Support Vector Machine for regression.
svmda - SVM Support Vector Machine for classification.
svmoc - Support Vector Machine for one-class analysis.


table2dataset - Convert Matlab Table Object to DatasetObject.
tconcalc - Calculate Hotellings T2 contributions for predictions on a model.
testrobustness - Test regression model for robustness to various effects.
testfitpeaks - Demo calls to the FITPEAKS function.
testpeakdefs - Checks peak parameters in a peak definition structure.
tld - Trilinear decomposition.
trendtool - Univariate trend analysis tool.
tsqlim - Confidence limits for Hotelling's T^2.
tsqmtx - Calculates matrix for T^2 contributions for PCA.
tsqqmtx - Calculates matrix for T^2+Q contributions for PCA and MPCA.
ttestp - Evaluates t-distribution and its inverse.
tucker - Analysis for n-way arrays.
unfoldm - Rearranges (unfolds) an augmented matrix to row vectors.
unfoldmw - Unfolds multiway arrays along specified order.
unhist - Create a vector whose values follow an empirical distribution.
updatemod - Update model structure to be compatible with the current version.
varcap - Variance captured for each variable in PCA model.
varcapy - Calculate percent y-block variance captured by a PLS regression model.
varimax - Orthogonal rotation of loadings.
vip - Calculate Variable Importance in Projection from regression model.
visionairxmlreadr – Reads Vision Air formatted XML files in as X-block and Y-block DataSet Objects.
vline - Adds vertical lines to figure at specified locations.


wilcoxon - Pairwise Wilcoxon signed rank test for evaluating residuals from two models.
windowfilter - Spectral filtering.
wlsbaseline - Weighted least squares baseline function.
writeasf - Writes AIT ASF files from a dataset object.
writecsv - Export a DataSet object to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
wrtpulse - Create input/output matrices for dynamic model identification.
writeplt – Exports an EVRI model structure as a Vision Air PLT model file.
writespc - Write a DataSet object to a Galactic SPC file.
wtfa - Window target factor analysis.
xclgetdata - Extracts matrix from an Excel spreadsheet.
xclputdata - Write matrix to an Excel spreadsheet.
xclreadr - Reads an ASCII or .XLS file in as a DataSet Object.
xgb - Gradient Boosted Tree (XGBoost) for regression or classification.
xgbda - Gradient Boosted Tree Ensemble for classification (Discriminant Analysis) using XGBoost.
xlsreadr - Reads .XLS files from MS Excel and other spreadsheets.
xycorrcoef - Calculates the correlation coefficients between variables in X-block and variables in Y-block.
xyreadr - Reads one or more ASCII XY or XY... files into a DataSet object.
yscale - Rescales the y-axis limits on each subplot in a figure.
zline - Adds vertical lines to 3D figure at specified locations.

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