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Scales data back to original scaling.


rx = rescale(x,means,stds,options)
rx = rescale(x,means)


Rescales a matrix x, using the means means and standard deviation stds vectors specified.


  • x = matrix of input data
  • means = vector of means to be used for rescaling
  • stds = vector of standard deviations to be used for rescaling

If only two input arguments are supplied, the function will correct the means only.


  • rx = rescaled version of the input data x


options = a structure array with the field:

  • stdthreshold = [0] scalar value or vector of standard deviation threshold values. If a standard deviation is below its corresponding threshold value, the threshold value will be used in lieu of the actual value. A scalar value is used as a threshold for all variables.


rx = rescale(x,means)

rescales a mean centered matrix x using a vector of means means.

rx = rescale(x,means,stds)

rescales a previously autoscaled matrix x using a vector of means means, and vector of standard deviations stds.

See Also

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