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Calculates orthogonal signal correction.


[nx,nw,np,nt] = osccalc(x,y,nocomp,iter,tol)


Inputs are the matrix of scaled predictor variables x, scaled predicted variable(s) y, and the number of OSC components nocomp.

Optional inputs are the maximum number of iterations used in attempting to maximize the variance captured by othogonal components iter {default = 0}, and the tolerance on percent of x variance to consider when forming the final w vector tol {default = 99.9}.

Outputs are the OSC corrected predictor matrix nx, and the x-block weigths nw, loads np, and scores nt that were used in making the correction.

Once the calibration is done, new (scaled) X data can be corrected by newx = x - x*nw*inv(np'*nw)*np'; (See OSCAPP).

See Also

caltransfer, crossval, glsw, oscapp