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Standardization using FIR filtering.


sspec = stdfir(nspec,rspec,win,mc)


STDFIR is a moving window multiplicative scatter correction with a fixed window size. This algorithm uses an inverse least squares regression. (Also see mscorr.)

Inputs are nspec the new spectra to be standardized, rspec the standard spectra from the standard instrument (a row vector that is a reference spectrum), and win, the window width (must be an odd number).

If the optional input mc is 1 {default} the regression allows for an offset and a slope, if mc is set to 0 only the slope is used (no offset is used i.e. it is a force fit through zero).

The output is sspec the standardized spectra. This routine is based on the method discussed in

Blank, T.B., Sum, S.T., Brown, S.D., and Monfre, S.L., "Transfer of Near-Infrared Multivariate Calibrations without Standards", Anal. Chem., 68(17), 2987-2995, 1996.

See Also

mscorr, stdgen