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Automatically exclude too much missing data in a matrix.


[newx,bad] = excludemissing(x,threshold)


Excludes rows, columns, or n-dim elements of input x which have too much missing data based on the input threshold which is a fraction of allowed missing data. If omitted, threshold will be equal to the default max_missing value of the function MDCHECK (typically 0.40).

Outputs are a dataset object with excluded elements newx and a cell holding the indices of the bad elements for each mode of data bad.


  • x = input data set.

Optional Inputs

  • threshold = fraction of allowed missing data; if omitted, the default value for max_missing in the MDCHECK function will be used (typically 0.40).


  • newx = dataset object with excluded elements.
  • bad = cell that holds the indices of the bad elements for each mode of x.

See Also

mdcheck, replace