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Checks the PLS_Toolbox installation for problems.


[problems,code] = evridebug


EVRIDEBUG runs various tests on the PLS_Toolbox installation to assure that all necessary files are present and not "shadowed" by other functions of the same name. This utility should be run if you experience problems with the PLS_Toolbox.

EVRIDEBUG tests for:

  • Missing PLS_Toolbox folders in path,
  • Multiple versions of PLS_Toolbox,
  • "Shadowed" files (duplicate named files), and
  • Duplicate definitions of Dataset object.

The output (problems) is a cell containing the text of the problems encountered. If no problems are encountered, problems will be empty. Output (code) is a status code:

0 = no problems discovered
1 = non-fatal installation errors discovered
2 = fatal installation errors discovered

Whether outputs are requested or not, the results are displayed at the command line.


>> evridebug

No PLS_Toolbox installation problems were identified.

See Also

evriinstall, evrirelease, evriuninstall, evriupdate