Data Editing Scaling and Preprocessing

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alignmat - Alignment of matrices and N-way arrays.
alignpeaks - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard peaks.
alignspectra - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard spectrum.
arithmetic - Apply simple arithmetic operations to all or part of dataset.
asinhx - Arcsinh transform.
asinsqrt - Arcsin square root transformation.
auto - Autoscales matrix to mean zero unit variance.
baseline - Subtracts a polynomial baseline offset from spectra.
baselineds - Wrapper for baselining functions (wlsbaseline, baseline, whittaker, datafit).
baselinew - Baseline using windowed polynomial filter.
batchalign - Convert data columns based on matching ref col to target vector.
batchdigester - Parse wafer or batch data into MPCA or Summary PCA form.
batchfold - Transform batch data into dataset for analysis.
batchmaturity - Batch process model and monitoring.
classcenter - Centers classes in data to the mean of each class.
coadd - Reduce resolution through combination of adjacent variables or samples.
datafit_engine - Asymmetric least squares with smoothing, baselining & robust fitting.
delsamps - Deletes samples (rows) or variables (columns) from data matrices.
deresolv - Changes high resolution spectra to low resolution.
editds - Editor for DataSet Objects.
excludemissing - Automatically exclude too-much missing data in a matrix.
glog - Generalized log transform.
glsw - Generalized least-squares weighting/preprocessing.
gscale - Group/block scaling for a single or multiple blocks.
gscaler - Applies group/block scaling to submatrices of a single matrix.
lamsel - Determines indices of wavelength axes in specified ranges.
logdecay - Mean centers and variance scales a matrix using the log decay of the variable axis.
lsq2top - Fits a polynomial to the top/(bottom) of data.
mdcheck - Missing Data Checker and infiller.
med2top - Fits a constant to top/(bottom) of data.
medcn - Median center scales matrix to median zero.
minmax - Scale rows or columns of a matrix to range from 0 to 1.
mncn - Scale matrix to mean zero.
mscorr - Multiplicative scatter/signal correction (MSC).
normaliz - Normalize rows of matrix.
npreprocess - Preprocessing of multi-way arrays.
oscapp - Applies OSC model to new data.
osccalc - Calculates orthogonal signal correction (OSC).
poissonscale - Perform Poisson scaling with scaling offset.
polyinterp - Polynomial interpolation, smoothing, and differentiation.
pqnorm - Probabilistic Quotient Normalization for rows of a matrix.
pr_entropy - Pattern recognition entropy (PRE), Shannon entropy, transform.
preprocess - Selection and application of standard preprocessing structures.
preprocessiterator - Create array of preprocessing combinations.
preprouser - User-defined preprocessing methods.
registerspec - Shift spectra based on expected peak locations.
rescale - Scales data back to original scaling.
savgol - Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation.
savgolcv - Cross-validation for Savitzky-Golay smoothing and differentiation.
scale - Scales data using specified means and std. devs.
shuffle - Randomly re-orders matrix and multiple blocks rows.
snv - Standard normal variate scaling.
specedit - GUI for selecting spectral regions on a plot.
super_reduce - Eliminates highly correlated variables.
unfoldm - Rearranges (unfolds) an augmented matrix to row vectors.
unfoldmw - Unfolds multiway arrays along specified order.
windowfilter - Spectral filtering.
wlsbaseline - Weighted least squares baseline function.

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