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Version 2.0 of MIA_Toolbox and Solo+MIA (version 5.5) was released in November, 2009.

For general product information, see MIA_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo+MIA, see Solo+MIA Product Page.


New and Enhanced GUIs

Several new and enhanced graphical interfaces have been added in MIA version 2.0:

  • Image Manager - allows building, manipulating (cropping, rotating, adjusting), and analyzing images
  • Texture GUI - Graphical interface to the texture functions. Perform exploratory analysis or create classification or regression models based on the patterns in a set of univariate images.
  • TrendTool - Perform univariate analysis of hyperspectral images (integrated signal, peak signal, peak location, peak width) and create of false-color images from the analysis results.
  • SurfaceViewer - Interrogate 3D (volumetric) images viewing cross-sections and 3D rendering of thresholded surfaces.
  • Plot Controls - Improved visualization of images. Quickly select pixels with a given range of values and/or adjust color scale thresholds to create an image which shows specific detail.


  • Import Lispix Raw formatted image.
  • Import Opotek ENVI and TIFF images.
  • Import HORIBA Jobin Yvon files into images.

Image Manipulation and Analysis Functions

  • Addition of several filter functions.
  • Morphing tools for erosion, dilation or threshold on a univariate image.
  • Tools for rotating, flipping, and transposing images.
  • Edge detection.
  • New maxautofactors function to model maximum spatially-correlated variance in images.
  • New region-size histogram function for images.


lispixrawreadr - Import Lispix Raw formatted image.
box_filter - Image filtering.
transform_img - Flips or rotates a DataSet image.
spatial_filter - Image filtering.
close_img - ERODE_IMG Close-convolution for a binary image.
dilate_img - Dilates a binary image.
edge - Edge detection for images
erode_img - Erodes a binary image.
maxautofactors - Maximum / Principal Autocorrelation Factors.
miagui - Image Manager GUI.
morph_img - Perform erosion, dilation or threshold on a univariate image.
open_img - Open-convolution for a binary image.
opotekenvirdr - Reads OPOTEK ENVI image files.
opotektiffrdr - Reads OPOTEK multi-layer TIFF files.
rhist_img - Locates regions and calculates region-size histogram for an image.
surfaceviewer - View and transect 3D surface image.