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View and transect 3D surface image.




Displays an n-D (preferable 3-D) image DataSet Object as a surface. Clicking on the surface places a slicing plane on the surface and shows a cross-section of the image in the second axes. The threshold at which the face of the surface is drawn can be changed by clicking on a desired intensity in the cross-section image.

Right-clicking either the surface or the slice view provides a context menu including the option to spawn the given plot off as a "static" view of the data.

Although univariate (single-variable) 3-D images are expected, multivariate images will be handled by performing a "coadd" on the variable dimension, reducing it down to a single variable calculated as the mean of all variables.

Non-Image Support: This tool also provides basic support for n-D non-image DataSet objects. These objects will be converted into a 3-D image and displayed.


  • x = image DataSet to view.

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