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Reads ENVI image files.


out = opotekenvirdr
out = opotekenvirdr(filenames)
out = opotekenvirdr('filename')
out = opotekenvirdr({'filename1' 'filename2'})


ENVI format has two files, .hdr (header) and .img (binary image, sometimes given the extension .dat or .raw). All file pairs must have the same base filename.


  • filenames = a text string with the name of an HDR file or a cell of strings of HDR filenames. If (filenames) is omitted or an empty cell or array, the user will be prompted to select a folder and then one or more files in the identified folder. If (filenames) is a blank string , the user will be prompted to select a single file.


  • out = takes one of two forms:
  1. If input is a single file, the output is a dataset object.
  2. If the input consists of multiple files, the output is a cell array with a dataset object for each input file.

See Also

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