Instrument Standardization Calibration Transfer

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caltransfer - Create or apply calibration and instrument transfer models.
alignmat - Alignment of matrices and N-way arrays.
deresolv - Changes high resolution spectra to low resolution.
sstcal - Spectral Subspace Transformation calibration transfer.
stdfir - Standardization based on FIR modelling.
stdgen - Piecewise and direct standardization transform generator.
stdize - Applies transform from STDGEN to new spectra.

glsw - Generalized least-squares weighting/preprocessing.
mdcheck - Missing Data Checker and infiller.
osccalc - Calculates orthogonal signal correction (OSC).

alignpeaks - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard peaks.
alignspectra - Calibrates wavelength scale using standard spectrum.
registerspec - Shift spectra based on expected peak locations.

(Sub topic of Editing_Preprocessing_and_Standardization)