Release Notes Version 8 0 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 8.0.1



Additional Changes

File Comment

  • Fix for evritip error.
  • Fix for input order tracking.
  • Fix for identical scales being past.
  • Fix to allow for small error in scale.
  • Fix for small memory leak.
  • Allow sorting of n-way DSOs using axisscale, labels, and classes.
  • Fix for resize code causing error.
  • Assure line+points mode always shows when first selected.
  • Assure that linewidth and symbolsize are always used for all types of plots and data (included, excluded, selected).
  • Adjust 3D symbol size and dimming behavior to better match corresponding 2D views.
  • Show any connect classes mode for ALL selected y-items (not just first).
  • Fix for errors when showing excluded data in bar plot mode.
  • Add fix R2014b and 15a in which color of excluded items would not match color of the corresponding included data.
  • Fix for resize behavior on newer versions of Matlab with Mac (and Linux). Also applies to optionseditor and editds.
  • Fix bug in which right-click > copy of script box contents would only ever grab the first line.
  • Add better memory usage using mean vs mncn.