Release Notes MIA Toolbox Version 2 8

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Version 2.8 of MIA_Toolbox and Solo+MIA (version 7.0) was released in October, 2012

For general product information, see MIA_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo+MIA, seeSolo+MIA Product Page.


  • Selections made in Particle Analysis are simultaneously selected in Analysis scores plots and vice versa.
  • TrendTool image support for multiple markers and make use of image axis scales (pixel dimensions).
  • Background subtraction preprocessing supports excluded and missing data.
  • Improved thresholding in Particle Analysis.
  • Cervical Cancer EEM and reflectance image example data added.
  • Full access to all example image data sets in model cache demo data branch.
  • Support for new EVRIModel object.
  • Various bug fixes.