Release Notes MIA Toolbox Version 2 7

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Version 2.7 of MIA_Toolbox and Solo+MIA (version 6.7) was released in March, 2012

For general product information, see MIA_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo+MIA, seeSolo+MIA Product Page.


  • Image Preprocessing Methods - Several new preprocessing methods added to the preprocessing interface along with ability to display preprocessed images.
  • EWFA Menu Item EWFA (evolving window factor analysis) now available from the Tools menu in Analysis.
  • Multiple-slab overlay plots - View multiple slab images (4 or more slabs) using new false-color mode. Each pixel color is mapped based on slab with maximum value. (New Plot Control options: 'SlabColorMode', 'SlabColorContrast')
  • Image axis scales (pixel dimensions) now accessible through the DataSet editor (Edit menu) and used on plotted images.
  • Lockable/adjustable color-scales (right-click image -> Lock Color Scale) Allows fixing color scale or automatically showing all axes on a figure using the same color scale)

New and Enhanced GUIs

  • Particle Analysis - Significant Enhancements:
    • Real-time adjustments of threshold for binary mask.
    • New binary-mask preprocessing methods added (Dilate, Erode, Smooth.)
    • Immediate updating of found particles with settings changes.
    • Additional functionality added for adjusting binary mask via thresholding and filtering.
  • Workspace Browser - Dragging and dropping image files onto the workspace enabled.
  • Cross-Section Tool - Add color coding of endpoints and additional context menu items for plotting and settings.
  • Drill Tool - Add color coding and highlighting to drill markers and lines to help identify selected item.


Image Manipulation and Analysis Functions

  • Texture - Texture now uses standard model structure.


backgroundsubtracter - Rolling-ball background subtraction for images.
thresholdimage - Threshold image and return binary mask.