Release Notes MIA Toolbox Version 2 5

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Version 2.5 of MIA_Toolbox and Solo+MIA (version 6.2) was released in March, 2011

For general product information, see MIA_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo+MIA, seeSolo+MIA Product Page.


New and Enhanced GUIs

  • Particle Analysis - image analysis for particle counting and size analysis, plus filtering of particle vs. background.
  • Drill Tool - interactive data navigator using mouse-over and clicking on an image.
  • Magnify Tool - magnifying glass for any image or data.
  • Cross-section Tool - give cross-section profile of an image.
  • Image Alignment Tool - manual image alignment tool for image fusion.
  • ImageJ Interface - generic interface into ImageJ image analysis platform (ImageJ is bundled with MIA_Toolbox/Solo+MIA).


  • RAW File Importer - improved performance, added options and new interface.
  • BIF File Importer - add support for importing bif6 files.
  • ENVI File Importer - add support for importing ENVI files.

Image Manipulation and Analysis Functions

  • Image Coadd - allows down-sampling to make larger images usable with less memory.
  • Block Fusion - automatic fusion of multiple data blocks.


alignimagepair - Aligns two images using user-selected points on both images.
analyzeparticles - Find properties of particles in image slabs.
coadd_img - Reduce image resolution through combination of adjacent pixels.
envirdr - Reads ENVI image files.
send2imagej - Send an image to ImageJ.