Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 4 2 1

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evrireporterror - Gathers error information and optionally reports it.
evritraperror - Utility to retreive error information for debugging purposes.
range - Calculates the range of the values.


- Added better display of model cache and ability to disable and hide.
- Fix for cache view in Matlab 7.0.0 and 2008a.
baselineset - Fixes for better compatibility with Matlab 6.5.
caltransfergui - Fix for wrong input order call to preprocess.
- Copy labels from x rows to y columns when doing "pure component" model.
- Add test for non-negativity algorithms before doing rank test.
- Improve error messages when rank deficiency found.
- Do not pass preprocessing from GUI if x-block is pure-component spectra.
- Add prediction bias calculations.
cluster - Fix bug where cluster wouldn't work with < 6 samples.
contents - All "contents.m" files changed to "Contents.m" to solve Matlab 2008a bug.
corrspec - Added field purvarindex to model.detail.
crossval - Significant fix for cvi=0 bug.
- Fix for problems when two branches have the same distance.
- Fix for ever-growing list of handles in axes (old axis objects not being deleted).
encode - Fix for bug when assigning empty structures within structures.
evrihelp - Fix for 'doc' command changes in Matlab 2008a.
gselect - Fix for 6.5 compatibility with xs and ys.
ipls - Fix for wrong figure handle variable name being initialized.
mlr - Add calibration and prediction bias calculations.
- Fix warning when variable output name >63 characters.
- Fix bug associated with purging empty filename from cache.
- Fix bug that raw data was plotted instead of the model of the data.
- Fix Bug when right-clicking plots in the modelviewer overview window
mpca - Allow passing preprocessing as standard structure outside of cell.
mscorr - Fix bug associated with new subwin feature.
ncrossval - Added fix for logical y in npls.
pcr - Add prediction bias calculations.
plotscores_callback - Add display of prediction bias calculations in scores plots.
plotscores_defaults - Added "settings" command and gui to select default plots.
pls - Add prediction bias calculations.
- Fixes for better compatibility with Matlab 6.5.
- Fix for plotgui problem where adding uimenus re-assigns axis handles
savgol - Modified 'tails'=='polyinterp' so that output D is correct and much faster.
spcreadr - Fix for multi-files with zero-exponents in the sub-header.
str2cell - If already is cell, don't error, just return input.
tsqmtx - Fix to work with MPCA models.

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