Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 3 5

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Changes in Version 3.5

Version 3.5 of Solo_Predictor was released in October 2014.

Packaging and Compatibility Changes

Wait-For-File Changes

  • If no waitscript is specified (and waitloadfile is 'on') load data into a datacache. Allows easy interfacing with Field Monitor web interface
  • Remove all folders from file list before grabbing dates
  • Add waitfilemode which can be either: 'date' to process only files which are newer than last file processed or 'name' to process any file which wasn't in the list of file names in the last cycle
  • Add better feedback when settings are not valid (folder name not set, for example)

Predictor object changes

  • Fix for bug when error is thrown in model other than first (always grabbed error messages from first model and if no errors happened, an error was thrown in the error-handling code)
  • Fix for bug when attempting to change datacache settings directly within predictor object (without extracting datacache object first)

Field Monitor Web Interface Changes

  • Allow resizing width and better mobile display
  • Leave up model list when waiting for plot to update after change in selected models (shows updating notice)
  • Improve plot updating after limits changes (or other similar events)
  • Improved hover and selection logic for additional capabilities
  • Allow better zooming and selecting at edges of plot
  • Add support for alarms on predicted values
  • Add [L] shortcut in property table to set limits (or click on existing limit lines to set)
  • Improve highlight behavior when unselecting (return to autoselect)
  • Leave open data drill boxes even when something else happens (wait for user to clear)