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Aligns two images using user-selected points on both images.


alignimagepair(target,rotated, inputpoints);


Two images are presented in a gui. The user identifies corresponding points in the two images and the the second image is shifted, rotated and stretched to match the first image. Note, it is best to put the smaller sized image second so entire area of both images are visible. See the alignment tool interface guide for more information.


  • target = Image array or dataset of first image.
  • rotated = Image array or dataset of second image.

Optional Inputs

  • points = (optional) nx2x2 double array of coordinates of points in the target and rotated images. n is the number of points.
points(i,1,1) = x coordinate of ith point in set 1
points(i,2,1) = y coordinate of ith point in set 1


None. The user can use the tool's 'Forward Arrow' icon to apply the transformation to the original 'rotated' image and save the resulting image to the workspace or to a file.

See Also

particlegui, send2imagej