Release Notes Version 8 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 8.1

Features and Improvements

  • Major performance improvement in PARAFAC and PARAFAC2.
  • Improved text handling for large/zoomed displays.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to Correlation Spectroscopy interface.
  • Updated figure management and clipboard copying.


  • aqualogreadr - Added netCDF file reader. Defaults set for MS data.
  • hjyreadr - Improved ability to read .ngc/.ngs files which do not: a) Have 'AcqInfo' content, or b) Have expected axisType named 'Intens'.

Other Changes

File Comment
  • Handle special case of cvi being single-valued in ann. This occurs if using CV with nsplits=2.
  • Fix for saving classes from plot.
  • Did not plot results for the uppermost model (highest RMSECV) in case when using pcolor (number of variables > 100).
  • Add tsqlim to model, for confidence level specified in options.
  • Fix calculation of X residuals in case of using PCR or PLS local model LWR. This affects calculated Q limit (model.detail.reslim{1}).
  • r2calc was too aggressive in trying to match x and y dimensions by transposing one, unintentionally applied when x and y are square and have same size.