Release Notes Version 7 9 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 7.9.1

Workspace Browser

  • Improve "Refresh" method to help recover when Java gets stuck scrolling.
  • Fix multi-select of workspace items on Mac.

Analysis Interface

  • Fix for bug which reset custom cross-validation to Contiguous blocks if the cross-validation selection window is closed.
  • MLR - speed up selectivity ratio calculation.
  • ANN - Add support for remembering cross-validation results when changing the number of nodes.
  • Improve permutation test behavior with custom cross-validation.
  • Permutation test - various improvements in behavior and speed and to allow saving of results.
  • Reports - Fix parsing of multi-line axis titles.
  • Variance Captured Plots - Add 100% line. Bump scale up adding room for labels.
  • Improved mouse-over performance

Plot Controls

  • Fix for selection context menu options not being enabled/disabled correctly.
  • Improved selecting on 3D plots.


  • netcdfreadr - Added netCDF file reader. Defaults set for MS data.


  • Derivative Column renamed to "Column-wise Derivative" to help reduce accidental usage


  • Fix for problem adding markers using toolbar button when viewing images
  • Add "Delete All Markers" and "Edit Markers" toolbar buttons
  • Improve placement of markers on edges of plot.

Other Changes

File Comment
  • add support for R2014b figure handle as input to shareddata
  • Add .predictionlabel field to models to return the labels associated with the output of .prediction field
  • Improve help content for Solo_Predictor shortcuts (
  • Add support for simpler I/O: "factors" input can be omitted, either "scales" or "levels" are sufficient alone as a design specification
  • Fix for extra points in Face-centered CCD for designs with 4 or more factors

Known Issues

  • Solo for MAC - PARAFAC Model Viewer tool returns blank dialog with error
  • PLS_Toolbox with Matlab R2014a or earlier (all platforms), Solo for Windows, Solo for Linux - Correlation Map fails with error
  • PLS_Toolbox on MAC with Matlab R2014a or earlier - Mouse-over information in Analysis window does not appear