Release Notes Version 7 8 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 7.8.1

File Comment
  • Fix to remove "cannot match" error when validation X matches model but validation Y does NOT (unneeded test).
  • If NO variables are in common between val and model (in either X or Y) give error and return without data.
  • Add raw data box plots for ASCA method (view design effect on raw variables)
  • Fix for importing multiple files in older Matlab (eq not defined for cells).
  • Fix for incorrect filter being selected in older Matlab and for not using filter selected in ALL versions.
  • Add support for boxplots using two classes, first class gives major grouping, second class gives sub-grouping within first. Controlled by new option groupings.
  • Add "positions" option showing where to plot boxes along x-axis.
  • Fix for bug causing videos to NOT be listed in R2012b and earlier Matlab.
  • Fix so CLS models are handled properly.
  • Use shorter file filter list when import methods list is too long for older Matlab versions (crash of Solo or Matlab)
  • Add better compatibility checking for pre-release and old/new versions.
  • Detect when a variable is too large to save under version 7.0 format MAT file and use newer file format.
  • Fix for parsing error when double-quoted strings contained regular expression characters (particularly with commas too).
  • Fix for label set name problem with certain file structures. Set names are now more reliably extracted.
  • Fix for datestamp mode getting stuck "on" after an date-stamp axisscale was detected.
  • Fix for error thrown when zooming down to millisecond time scale.
  • Fix for mixed up classes in SIMCA main model.