Release Notes Version 7 0 3

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 7.0.3

Bug Fixes

Various minor updates for MATLAB 2013a.

adjustaxislimits Various stability fixes.
analysis Fix incorrect callback in Preprocess > Y-block > Set Current As Default (was setting default for x-block).
batchmaturity Change the extent of the BM range where limits are calculated and plotted. Was 0-100, now min(bm) - max(bm).
dataset Minor updates so DSO is in sync with open source version.
class2logical Fix inconsistent behavior if a group includes 0, depending on whether 0 comes first or not.
editds Various stability fixes.
evrimodel Add critical handling of non-model outputs from "apply" operation (don't try to assign parent and other values) and catch for models or data which cannot be used with matchvars (don't throw errors in either case).
Fix for bug when importing model from XML ("dot name structure assignment is illegal when the structure is empty") use subscript on tomerge variable.
npls Better handle NaN in y-block.