Release Notes Version 7 0 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 7.0.1

Bug Fixes

batchaligndemo Initial version added.
autoimport When outputs are requested and multiple folders are passed, concatenate all folders (using folder name in labels column to identify different items).
Allow importing MULTIPLE folders (drag/drop into base workspace only).
batchalign Update descriptions.
Fix for bug when padding with NaN's (index gets added as NaN also which can't be used to index).
batchfold Add fix to trim data for batch maturity for selected steps.
Fix for when calling batchalign without steps.
batchmaturity Avoid divide by zero when calculating scores_reduced, set to NaN instead.
Make sure y-block has a label on the column.
bspcgui Add 'other' method for sending BM data to analysis for PCA, MCR,...
Make sure new class (when automatically augmenting) has BSPC Batch label.
Add fix for alignment when not using class for batches.
evriwhich Fix for Mac/Unix where '/' (root folder) is not recognized by exist.
flowchart_list Added support for batch maturity analyses.
initaxes Don't check for 'integerhande' on the object if the property isn't there (in some cases, this was being called on objects that didn't have this property).
pcrengine,registerspec Fix for potential warning('off') problem. Make sure warnings get turned back on EVEN if there is an error thrown during the unwarning-segment of code.
plotgui_searchbar Fix for right-click usage.
spcreadr Include a "sub-file index" when reading SPC multi-files or multiple file lists (to show original reading order).
writespc Fixes to formatting and file writing.