Release Notes Version 6 7 2

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.7.2

Bug Fixes

spcreadr Fix for failure to read multiple .spc files with unequally spaced x-axis
xlsreadr Fix passing in requested sheet name as a string (cell array of string(s) worked).

Check the available Java version directly instead of using the matlab version to deduce the Java version. That is invalid on Mac OSX.

analysis Fix for bug in concatenating new columns onto X or Y

Disable alert of mismatching X and Y except if concatenating ROWS (the only time that concatenation will cause a problem)

plotloads, updatemod Update/handle old pre-6.7 models which did not have a model.detail.options.orthogonalize field.
plotgui Fix for inverted logic that caused ColorBy vector to not work and some other cases of incorrect ColorBy.
Importers (general) Change all references to "Hamilton Sundstrand" to "AIT"