Release Notes Version 6 7 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.7.1

Bug Fixes

analysis Fix column augmenting when importing data.
confusiontable Fix formatting of labels in table.
gammadf, normdf Remove random seeding.
gettrueandpredclasses Fix for finding classes.
parafac2 Several fixes to remove legacy code.
plotgui Allow ColorBy to work on points or lines, allow it to work in Data Summary mode.

Fix for color-scale mismatch when using ColorBy function (Don't adjust color scale when MIA not installed OR for plots other than density plots or images.)

ttestp Fix problem where multiple probability values wouldn't be returned when in flag=1 mode even if input was vector.
varcap Fix for problem doing variance captured with missing samples.
xlsreadr Fix for use on Mac platform.
nir_data (demo data) Add labels for concentration columns.