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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.5.3

Version 6.5.3 was released in January 2012 and was an update for only Solo, Solo+MIA, and Solo+Model_Exporter.

Bug Fixes

  • (Solo+Model_Exporter only) Fix for error in exported models that used Selected Points Baseline and had excluded variables.
EigenvectorTools V6
  • Fix to reinstate forwards compatibility with 3rd party programs. (Version 6.5 and 6.2 caused an incompatibility with older applications which used EigenvectorToolsV6. This update reinstates that compatibility but breaks compatibility with programs expecting the version 6.2.3 build of EigenvectorToolsV6. Please Contact our helpdesk for assistance with adjusting compatibility)
Excel Importer (xlsreadr)
  • Fix for issue which would not permit selection of sheet to import in certain versions of Matlab and Microsoft Office.
  • Addition of beta support for MAC importing of XLS/XLSX files.
Image Plot Labels
  • Access to help fix rare "inverted labels/title" bug: Addition of preference "opengl" in opentoolbox function (accessible from Preferences Expert interface) to allow access in Solo to low-level OpenGL graphics settings needed to fix rare "inverted labels/title" bug seen on some hardware platforms.
Model Cache Maximums
  • Increase default "maximum cacheable data size" for model cache so that even larger data files are cached (up to 5000^2 elements). Also increase default history length to 90 days.
Aqualog Importer
  • Rename mislabeled Aqualog importer
  • Improve memory performance.