Release Notes Version 6 5 2

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.5.2

Bug Fixes

analysis Add row multislect switch on/off so can't select more than one row in analysis ssq table.
editds Deselect rows/columns after making include change.
Enable multi-column/row sorting.
excludemissing Fix bug where 'include' info for that mode is lost whenever a row or column needs to be excluded because of too much missing data found.
knn_guifcn Fix for lack of scores plot update when model changes.
parsemixed Fix for import bug on multiple delimiter correction (did not correctly replace many multiple delimiters, only doubles).
plotscores_simca Fix two bugs in getclassofsubmodel. 1. Case where simca model involves only a subset of the possible classes; 2. Case where sub-model involves > one class.
Change getclassofsubmodel to only rely on model. Was breaking when 'isinmodel' was derived from a prediction struct because it had fewer rows than expected.
plsda_guifcn Fix typo bug where the the "Show confusion matrix and table" button was showing the Model Results twice, instead of Model Results and Prediction Results.
residuallimit Parameter 'cl' is not required to be 0<cl<1 when using invjm or invchi2 algorithm.
trendtool Fix for bug when loading data.
writecsv Fix for bug which put too many separators on the row of names for row-label/class/etc sets.