Release Notes Version 6 5 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.5.1

This update focused on bug fixes related to the release of version 6.5, continued development of the DOE tools, and improvements to Trend Tool.


  • Experiment Designer - Add "export to MLR" button to send DOE directly to Analysis window.
  • Analysis of DOEs - Add additional toolbar buttons for analyzing and working with DOE data including automatic response-block creation, half-norm plots, and improved ANOVA analyses.
  • Trend Tool Major improvements to performance and TrendTool EVRIGUI Object accessibility.
  • GLSW Preprocessing - Add class set selection to options and interface.
  • SPC Importing - Improved performance for large multi-files, added additional progress bar conditions.
  • fluoromaxreadr - Add inporting of JYHoriba Fluoromax ASCII files (with automatic Raleigh removal).

High-Level Fixes

  • DataSet Editor - Fix issue when selecting column headers in Data tab.
  • SVM - Fix issue when building models with excluded variables.
  • PLSDA - Fix for problems applying models to test sets with only one class, or where maximum class value is negative ( < 0 ).
  • Analysis - Fix issue when entering number of PCs in Analysis edit box when using PARAFAC.
  • ANOVA DOE - Fix for some failures on certain types of DOEs.
  • Analysis - Fix issue plotting MLR scores when y-block is multi-column but first column is excluded.

Low-Level Fixes

  • Improvements to handling different Matlab p-coding requirements.
  • Improved support for custom EVRIScript object definition files in stand-alone products.
  • Improvements to memory requirements with some graphical interfaces (shareddata changes).
  • Re-enable dragging of demo data from modelcache tree and other loading behavior.
  • Multiple fixes to ModelCache for better performance and error handling.
  • Improved managing of Analysis window child figures.
  • Add new methods to evrigui browse object.
  • Allow placement of preprouser.mat file in current directory or Solo installation directory (change for Solo only).
  • Fix to use appropriate CLS algorithm when calculating X_hat in datahat.

New Functions and Files

halfnormplot - Produces Half-Normal or Normal plot from DOE DataSet object.
fluoromaxreadr - Read JYHoriba Fluoromax ASCII files with Raleigh removal.