Release Notes Version 6 2 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.2.1

Bug Fixes

analysis Better handling of loading MCR models from cache, add checks for data validation.
Add default crossval option.
Remove auto naming of raw data (causes moddate problems).
browse Add NPLS shortcut.
Better load model/data logic.
clipboard_image Update to use Matlab java object rather than custom evriImageWriter.jar (remvoed).
crossval_npls Fix for leave-one-out cross validation.
evridebug Remove checking when network install.
evriinstall Add helpdlg to restart browse after install.
genalg When applied to a dataset now saves "Save Best" dataset which includes relevant fields from the original dataset (such as label, class, title, axisscale...).
gscale Fix for error when variables have zero standard deviations.
magnifytool Add automatic spawn of plot when more than one axis.
modelcache Fix for viewing unnamed data.
modlrder Add explicit support for MCR.
plotgui Enable turn off the "auto populate" of new subplots feature.
plotscores_pls Fix bug which would show incorrectly weighted studentized residuals for EXCLUDED samples (they were being weighted by their leverage, which isn't valid for excluded samples).
trendtool Fix for copy of labels and image information.
Fix for model loading.