Release Notes Version 6 0 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 6.0.1

New Functions and Files

evrimovepath - Move all Eigenvector products to the top or bottom of the Matlab path.

Fixes and Enhancements

High-Level Fixes

  • Fix for error applying old PLS models which do not have the orthogonalize field
  • Fix incorrect RMSEP calculated during cross-validation when test data present and certain preprocessing methods are used (ONLY affects results displayed in Model block - RMSEP in Prediction block OK)
  • Fix LWR bug where prediction always uses algorithm = 'globalpcr' and regression LVs of "automatic" (when applying to new data).
  • Fix for error applying MCR model to new data when concentration equality constraints were used in building model
  • Fix to allow bin size >2 in Coadd settings interface


  • Significant improvements to model cache speed performance
  • Add model cache reset menu item
  • Allow direct control over tails option for Savitzky-Golay methods when called from Preprocess window (use setplspref('savgolset','tails','____') to choose tail option in GUI)
  • Change linetype of TRENDTOOL plots to points if x-axis isn't continuously increasing or has missing data
  • Enable viewing of classes in Preprocess before/after plots if classes are present
  • Add move path functionality to Workspace Browser help menu.
  • Avoid opening multiple DataSet editor figures for the same DataSet object.

Low-Level Fixes

  • Fix for error when Undo Prepro checkbox is clicked and model was cleared
  • Fix for cross-validation window not being re-enabled when certain methods were selected
  • Fix for indexing error when viewing standard deviation with classes and some non-finite data
  • Fix for error displayed when mousing-over dendrograms when the class table was incomplete
  • Fix for error using GLSW when called with all zero classes (treat as one block rather than giving error)
  • Fixed bug in COV_CV when multiple eigenvalues <eps appear
  • Fix for warnings displayed when Eigenvector Movies list cannot be updated.
  • Fix for Workspace Browser window being too small (either old position or after resize) and throwing "width,height must be > 0" error
  • Assure that images have image-mode information included when in data summary mode (e.g. view classes with mean or std of image data didn't show classes)
  • Fix for legacy shortcut selections in Workspace Browser (assure some shortcuts show)
  • Fix for bug reading multiple mismatched ASF files from a cell array (give better message)
  • Allow setting of NPLS options in Analysis window
  • Allow using report writer even when no X-block data is currently loaded