Release Notes PLS Toolbox Version 5 2 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 5.2.1

Bug Fixes

calcystats Fix predict mode determination. Caused RMSEP to show up on some calibration models.
corrspec Changed matrix options in corrspec, corrspec_engine and dispmat (also in related helper and engine files).
gscaleset Allow negative numbers in GroupScale settings GUI as shortcut to access class sets, also do not allow non-integer values.
hjyreadr Fix for missing option and for error combining multiple files into one.
matchvars Fix label matching error when two objects had same number of sorted labels. Add additional input option of DSO.
ploteigen Make sure cvbias is included in Eigenplots.
polyinterp Fixed bug associated w/ higher orders.
registerspec Revise help documentation.
dastaset Modified timestamp and cat methods to fix updating in history field and avoid concatenation of histories when concatenating DSOs