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Convert a Kaiser HoloReact band integration methods into a preprocessing structure.


pp = hrmethodreadr(filename)


Converts method files created by Kaiser Optical System's HoloReact software into a preprocessing method for use with PLS_Toolbox or Solo. Input is a HoloReact Method file (.mat format). If omitted, the user is prompted to locate a valid method file.

The output is a preprocessing structure which can be used with Preprocess (through Analysis GUI, Preprocess, or at the command line) that will take a spectrum and convert it into discrete variables based on baselining, integrating, and/or point measurements.

When a spectrum is processed, each marked region will be converted into a single new variable in the output spectrum. These new variables are stored starting at the first included variable of the original spectrum. All remaining variables are zeroed out. Thus the entire spectrum is replaced with the integration results plus many uninteresting (all-zero) variables. All excluded variables are zeroed out and ignored.

This converter works with Kaiser Analysis methods:


It does not allow the peak height, peak width, PCA, or MCR analysis methods in the HoloReact software. Baseline method works with either global points and order settings or peak-specific points and order settings. No other preprocessing steps are converted from the Method file.

Axisscales: If the HoloReact file being read contains only the method information, then the resulting preprocessing method will require any new data to contain an appropriate axisscale to be passed with the data. If, however, the HoloReact file is a combination of both data and method information (obtained by choosing File/Save Data from the HoloReact menu), then the resulting preprocessing method will store the axisscale from the file and assume this applies to any new data passed without an axisscale.

Optional Inputs

filename = A .mat file saved from the HoloReact software.


pp = A preprocessing structure which can be used with preprocess.m or loaded into the preprocessing GUI (e.g. via Analysis)

See Also

baseline, preprocess