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Kaiser Optical Systems' HoloPRO software supports calls into either Solo_Predictor (as of v3.2.0.5) or Matlab. The sections below give some background and basic information on using HoloPRO software with Eigenvector Research products. Contact Kaiser Optical Systems for more information on interfacing to Matlab or using the Solo_Predictor interfacing options of HoloPRO.

Solo_Predictor Interface

For making predictions using Solo_Predictor from HoloPRO, specify the regression model to apply. HoloPRO will automatically apply the model and extract the predictions. For best interfacing, it is recommended you build models which include labels on your y-block columns to clearly identify the predicted species (HoloPRO will use these labels in its display of results.)

Model_Exporter Interface

To use Eigenvector Research models which have been exported using Model_Exporter, HoloPRO supports calling into Matlab which can be scripted to return results from the model of interest. The Model_Exporter models can be called directly and do not require any additional software beyond Matlab and HoloPRO. To learn more about using Model_Exporter models, see the Model_Exporter User Guide.

PLS_Toolbox Interface

To use Eigenvector models with PLS_Toolbox natively (without using Model_Exporter) HoloPRO's Matlab interface can be used along with custom scripts to return results from the model of interest. This script can call PLS_Toolbox commands, as long as PLS_Toolbox is installed along with Matlab. See PLS_Toolbox Unattended Configuration for details on configuring PLS_Toolbox for use in unattended situations. For assistance with scripting for these situations, contact our Helpdesk.