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Software Product Help

If you are looking for help with our software products, you should see our Software User Guide and our On-Line FAQ Page.

Using The Wiki

The Wiki can be browsed by starting at the Main Page or can be searched using the "search" box on the right of the page (if working with the on-line version of this documentation.) In addition, if you are working with the on-line version of this documentation, you can also use the "What links here" link (bottom left side of page) to find pages which are related to the given page.

Editing Wiki Pages

The documentation wiki is only editable by Eigenvector Research, Inc. staff and associates. If you suspect you've found a problem with any page, please contact us at our helpdesk via e-mail

Eigenvector Research staff should review the Help:Editing page for style guide and editor usage information.

Beta Documentation

Beta_Docs:Beta Documents Main Page

Java Help

Notes for using java components.

Java Cheat Sheet