Faq why some axis labels and titles upside down in MIA Toolbox

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Why are some axis labels and titles on my axes upside-down when I'm viewing images in MIA_Toolbox?

Possible Solutions:

This problem is related to the open graphics library (OpenGL) on some systems.

Update Drivers

Often updating graphics drivers can solve this problem. Before proceeding, confirm your graphics drivers are updated.

Solo+MIA Users

Use the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Start up Solo+MIA
  2. Go to the Edit > Options > Preferences (expert) item. This will open the Preferences Expert interface
  3. In the "Function Name" box, enter: opentoolbox
  4. In the "Option Name" box, enter: opengl
  5. In the "Override Value" box, enter: 'software' (note single quotes)
  6. Click the "Set" button, then the "OK" button.
  7. Close and Restart Solo+MIA.

PLS_Toolbox / MIA_Toolbox Users

We recommend following The Mathworks solution found here.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com