Faq version compatibility between PLS Toolbox and Matlab

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What is the version compatibility between PLS_Toolbox and Matlab?

Possible Solutions:

Current Release:

In general, the current release of PLS_Toolbox will always be compatible with the current release of Matlab (see compatibility table here). As a Connections partner of The MathWorks we receive a "prerelease" of Matlab roughly 60 days before it becomes generally available. We typically will provide an update to our products within one to two weeks of the official release of new version of Matlab. We also maintain at least 2-4 years backward compatibility with Matlab. Often there will be some reduced functionality with oldest supported versions but especially with newer GUI tools.

Legacy Versions of PLS_Toolbox:

Although we attempt to provide legacy support we do not guarantee it. In general, the most compatible version of Matlab will be the version available at time of release of PLS_Toolbox. Upgrading Matlab without upgrading PLS_Toolbox can be risky, especially if you're spanning more than a year's worth of upgrade. This is especially true for GUI interfaces. Please see our Wiki New Releases page for the specific compatibility list.

Maintenance Program:

Starting in 2006, TMW standardized it's release schedule and licensing. In order to accommodate this new schedule Eigenvector had to adopt a similar schedule and licensing scheme. You can read more about the licensing plan here.


In general, PLS_Toolbox is not compatible with the open-source Matlab clone "Octave". Octave is essentially a clone of Matlab 5.0 and, as such, it does not support objects nor some of the coding structures that are used by parts of PLS_Toolbox. There is some PLS_Toolbox functionality that will work in Octave, but this requires some replacement code be provided by Eigenvector Research. If you have a specific application that you'd like to talk to us about licensing to running in Octave, contact our helpdesk.

Note that our Model_Exporter add-on product creates model predictors which are compatible with Octave. This code can be run in Octave, LabView or any Matlab version.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com