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How do I make a DataSet backwards compatible?

Possible Solutions:

I received the following error when I loaded a dataset into Matlab:

Warning: Loaded dataset object newer than present constructor.
Dataset object converted to structure.

This happened because the DataSet being loaded is of a new version than the current DataSet Object. There are a couple of ways to get around this:

  1. Try using the struct2dataset function to generate a DataSet from the structure:
    >> newdso = struct2dataset(oldstruct);
  2. If you only need the data, extract the data from the structure into a new dataset:
    >> newdso = dataset(oldstruct.data);
  3. Obtain the latest DataSet Object (the "@dataset" folder), either separately from our website or as a part of the latest version of PLS_Toolbox. Note that this might not solve the problem if your DataSet was created with a Beta (unreleased) version of the DSO.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com