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Can I install PLS_Toolbox (or Solo) on more than one PC, such as on my desktop and laptop computer?

Possible Solutions:

  • Under the single-user license agreement, we allow installation of our software products on multiple computers provided that:
  1. these computers are accessed only by the licensed end-user and
  2. only one copy is in use simultaneously

Thus, for example, one copy can be installed on both a desktop and laptop, provided that the single user uses only one of these at a time.

  • We allow use of a single-user license by multiple end-users if and only if:
  1. the software is installed on a single computer
  2. that computer requires the end-users to be physically present to access the software, such as with a walk-up computer in a laboratory and
  3. only one user is accessing the software at a time (no concurrent signons)

NOTE: We do allow installation in Virtual PCs (Virtual Machines, VMs). We treat VMs as other physical machines so it is allowed so long as the license owner follows our license conditions described above.

Our license agreement does not permit single-user licenses to be installed on multiple computers accessed by multiple individuals, nor does it allow multiple users to access a single-user license over a network.

If multiple users are going to access the software on multiple computers, they each need to have their own single-user license, or a floating-license with license server that limits the number of copies in simultaneous use.

For more information see:

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com