Faq how to make a prediction on new data using the Analysis or Regression GUI

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How do I make a prediction on new data using the Analysis or Regression GUI?

Possible Solutions:

It is easy to make predictions for new data with an existing PCA, PLS or PCR model using the Analysis GUI.

See also, Quick Start: Applying a Model

First, you must load the model into the GUI. If the model you wish to predict with is not already loaded, you must load it using File/Load Model (You may have to make sure all other data and models are cleared by selecting File/Clear/All first). Hint: If you have just created a model with your calibration data and want to apply it immediately to new data, simply choose File/Clear/Data and continue to the next step.

Next, load the new data into the GUI:
Version 5.x: Select File/Load Data/Validation menu
Version 3.x-4.x: Select File/Load Data menu

If you have only an x-block data, load only that. If on the other hand this is a Test set, i.e. you have the true y-block values, you can load these y-block values after loading the x-block data.

Apply the model to the new data by simply clicking the gears button or Prediction button in Version 5.0

Finally, clicking the Scores toolbar button will show the predictions for this new data. By default, both the calibration and the prediction data are shown in the scores plot. If you wish to see only the prediction data, de-select the "Show Cal With Test" option. (In version 3.0, this is located in the "Tools" menu in the main REGRESSION window. In version 3.5, this is located as a checkbox near the bottom of the Plot Controls window).

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