Faq how do I make PlotGUI send plot to a new figure and not overwrite current figure

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How do I make PlotGUI send its plot to a new figure and not overwrite the current figure?

Possible Solutions:

PlotGUI acts much like the standard Matlab plot command in that the plotgui command sends the plot to the current figure (whether or not it was previously a PlotGUI controlled figure). This will overwrite any plot already on that figure.

To send a PlotGUI plot to a new figure, include the keyword new on the command line:

>> plotgui(mydata,'new');

If you already have a PlotGUI figure and want to create another view of the same data, select the "View / Duplicate Figure" menu option on the plotgui controls. Likewise, a static (standard Matlab) plot can be made of the current view by selecting "View / Spawn Figure".

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