Faq change the limit on how many rows or columns I can access in a plot

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How do I change the limit on how many rows or columns I can access in a plot (Plot Controls)?

Possible Solutions:

There is an intentional limit on the maximum number of rows or columns accessible from the Plot Controls. However, the setting is easy to change.

Command-line solution for PLS_Toolbox users: Use the setplspref commands:

>> setplspref('plotgui','maximumyitems',n)
>> setplspref('plotgui','maximumitems',n)

Where n is the number of items you want to allow access to. The first command sets the limit on the y-menu, the second command sets the limit on the x- and z- menus.

GUI solution for PLS_Toolbox and Solo users:
From either the Workspace Browser or Analysis GUI, open the Expert Preferences GUI (Menu: Edit/Options/Preferences (expert)) (PLS_Toolbox users can type "prefexpert" at the command line)

In this GUI, enter "plotgui" in the Function Name field, and "maximumyitems" (exactly as shown, without quotes) in the Option Name field. You should then enter the maximum number of records you want to be able to access in the Override Value and click "Set" then "OK".

To change the limit on the X and Z axes menus, change the "maximumitems" option name (note the different name).

Choice of new limit:
You could, theoretically, set either limit to "inf" (= no limit) or any really large number for the override value but you should be aware that, depending on the memory and processors on your computer, this could cause a very significant slowdown when drawing the Plot Controls. On an older computer, we found that allowing over 10,000 samples might take the computer MINUTES to redraw the controls (fortunately, once they are drawn, you can access everything quickly as long as you don't change focus to another figure. If you change to another figure, it will have to redraw the controls again.) If you have a reasonable computer 10k or 20k items shouldn't be a problem (100,000 items just took 16 seconds one of our dual-core systems.)

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com