Curve Resolution and Evolving Factor Analysis

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als - Alternating Least Squares computational engine.
comparelcms_simengine - Calculational Engine for comparelcms.
comparelcms_sim_interactive - Interactive interface for COMPARELCMS.
coda_dw_interactive - Interactive version of CODA_DW.
coda_dw - Calculates values for the Durbin_Watson criterion of columns of data set.
corrspec - Resolves correlation spectroscopy maps.
dispmat - Calculates the dispersion matrix of two spectral data sets.
evolvfa - Evolving factor analysis (forward and reverse).
ewfa - Evolving window factor analysis.
mcr - Multivariate curve resolution with constraints.
purity - Self-modeling mixture analysis method based on purity of variables or spectra.
purityengine - calculates purity values of columns of data set.
wtfa - Window target factor analysis.

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