Classification and Discriminant Analysis

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These methods help separate samples into classes and develop models which can be used to predict which class a new sample belongs to.

Top-Level Classification / Discriminant Analysis Tools

analysis - Graphical user interface for data analysis.
knn - K-nearest neighbor classifier.
plsda - Partial least squares discriminant analysis.
lregda - Predictions based on Logistic Regression (LREGDA) classification models.
simca - Soft Independent Method of Class Analogy.
svmda - SVM Support Vector Machine for classification.

Model Analysis and Calculation Utilities

confusionmatrix - Create a confusion matrix.
confusiontable - Create a confusion table.
class2logical - Create a PLSDA logical block from class assignments.
discrimprob - Discriminate probabilities for continuous predicted values.
plsdaroc - Calculate and display ROC curves for PLSDA model.
plsdthres - Bayesian threshold determination for PLS Discriminate Analysis.

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