Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 4 1 1

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alignmat - Allow alignmat to handle degenerate cases where sample is smaller than reference.

                    - Fix for attempt to mdcheck with model.

als - Fix for bug in overlap of constraints test when soft constraints are used on both C and S.
analysis - Fix bug associated with left-click of status boxes.
caltransfergui - Add check for model type in GUI.

                    - Add .detail.modelname into command line generated models so they load into GUI without error.

crossval - Don't perform "pre-preprocessing" on y-block (i.e. row-wise methods).
datahat - Bug fix for tucker.
editds - Fix for opengl renderer problem in Vista (force painters renderer if windows 2000 and 2006b+) opengl sometimes caused hanging of Matlab.
exportfigure - Fix to work with PowerPoint 2007 (V12.0 object).
parsemixed - Fix bug for empty first element.
plotgui - Fix to keep from accidentally hiding reconstituted regression infobox.

                    - Add "Choose all (Y) in class" to Edit menu (also in context menu, but that seems to become unavailable for unknown reasons).

preprocess - Fix for ML 2007b.
varcapy - Allow calling for plsda models.

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