Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 4 0 2

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b3spline - Univariate spline fit and prediction.
conload - Congruence loadings for PARAFAC, TUCKER and NPLS.
evristartup - Example startup file.
exportmodelregvec - Export model as regression vector (using regcon).
jcampreadr - Reads a JCAMP file into a DataSet object.


analysis - class selection PLSDAGUI (allows grouping of classes before calculation of PLSDA model).

          - improved SIMCA interface performance.           - add unique names to analysis interface and primary child plots.

autoimport - added new utility to select which import method to automatically use.
crossval - do not use fastpca with > 1000 variables.
evriinstall - fixed cancel out of install bug
glsw - fix bugs associated with y-values being equally spaced or having mean of zero.
ipls - added MLR and PCR as options for algorithm (in addition to PLS).

       - fix plot so that overall best RMSECV is shown (the one that matches the number of LVs at the bottom of the plot).

matchvars - fix reordering bug for undo.
nwengine - fixed bug in fitting new data to existing PARAFAC models where the algorithm was TLD or SWATLD.
parsemixed - fixed bug which assigned a label name to both rows and columns
registerspec - fix decreasing axisscale bug.

              - fix only-one-peak-good bug.

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