Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 4 0 1

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- write results of matchvar back to x-block (give warning if loosing data, fixes qcon/tcon/info/drill-down bugs when matchvars was used). - add save as/export model functionality. - add xml import/export functionality.

auto - improve test for all-zero stds.
browse - add compare_lcms and coda_dw icons.

- during test for non-cell CVI input, don't test against input "out" unless we actually got it. - various fixes.

editds - allow xml export.
genalg - fix to allow "showing" of y-block based preprocessing.
glsw - missing y-block assumes empty (will try finding classes).

- allow input (on command line) and searching (for parent) for "supporting data" (y-block data for use with OSC/etc). - add support for supporting data in show preprocessing.


- fix bug with MCR replacement. - fix failure associated with some preprocessing methods (store preprocessing values on apply).

wlsbaseline - greatly improved speed.
xclreadr - added quicker (but less flexible) "strict" auto-parsing.

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