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Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT) have several products which are compatible with Eigenvector Research models. These include the PC80 and CPSA32 software packages, as well as the SpectraRTS package. The interfacing methods from each of these are described below.

Using Eigenvector Models with PC80 and CPSA32

For users of Solo+SpectraQuant or PLS_Toolbox with SpectraQuant_Toolbox, an special Model Export option is available from the File > Export Model menu: "AIT Model (*.tbl)"

The output of this export is a .tbl file which can contain either a PLS or PCR model in a format that can be used by the AIT software PC80 and CPSA32, as run by the AIT Process Analyzers

To be able to save to this model format, you must use only compatible preprocessing methods (see the Force PC80 Compatible Preprocessing option). If your model uses analysis or preprocessing methods that are not compatible with saving to a .tbl file format, you will be advised of the error. In these cases, the models can be saved to a standard .MAT file and used with Solo_Predictor using wait-for-file mode Solo_Predictor and special adapter software available from Eigenvector Research (contact the eigenvector helpdesk by e-mail).

Using Eigenvector Models with SpectraRTS

Solo_Predictor and PLS_Toolbox (when used with Matlab) can be interfaced directly from the SpectraRTS product from AIT. These applications use the scripting ability of SpectraRTS and the EigenvectorTools that is delivered with Solo_Predictor, or, for PLS_Toolbox and Model_Exporter models, the ActiveX interface built into Matlab.

For more information on using these interfaces, contact the eigenvector helpdesk by e-mail or contact your AIT sales representative.