Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 3 6

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Changes in Version 3.6

Version 3.6 of Solo_Predictor was released in June 2015.

Packaging and Compatibility Changes

Performance Changes

  • Add ability to base number of lines in status window based on window size (max_screen_lines = 0 turns on automatic mode)
  • Add support for limiting storage of client memory including option "maxclientage" to allow forgetting of clients after a specified amount of time
  • Fix error in datacache constructor when data not passed but more than one property/value pair is passed ('property',value,'property',value threw error)

Field Monitor Web Interface Changes

  • Add "drillinline" option to put drill content on main frame rather than popup frame
  • Add help link on main page
  • Convert to top-level "predictor" object to avoid namespace issues with all the options
  • Make models folder more easily configurable (javascript setting)
  • Improve unzoom behavior and fix bug which didn't rescale to show new data that appeared while zoomed
  • Better handle error when workspace is cleared (.notes field not found error)
  • Make alarm overlay panels span either side of point of alarm
  • Fix missing mouse-over text for alarm limits