Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 3 1

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Changes in Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of Solo_Predictor was released in June 2014.

Packaging and Compatibility Changes

  • Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 7.8
  • Significant improvements to BWTek Spectrometer interface

Solo Scripting Changes

  • Assure type cast object (tcast) is accessible
  • Fix to assure errors during import are reported with useful content (e.g. file not found with XML was not returned as a useful message)
  • Assure file import GUIs cannot be displayed (locking action)

Server Changes

  • Wait for file changes:
    • Added waiterrorscript option which defines a script to call if an error occurs during importing of file OR during processing of waitscript
    • Include any error result in workspace as "lasterr" variable
  • Authentication changes
    • Add more secure password hash method
    • Allow userdatabase to be manually located anywhere via "dbfile" option of evriautentication
  • Add hooks to allow custom figures to be included with custom applications

Web Interface Changes

  • Add "drillDataOnly" as configurable option in javascript (allows hiding of Tcon and Qcon drill features)
  • Significant improvements to filtering of bad characters in username/password entry