Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 1 0 2

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 1.0.2

High-level Changes

  • Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 5.0
  • Updated C# example code to include full-featured C# object
  • Add more automatic support for modelselector models
  • Add wrapper with tests for invalid string commands (security fix to keep attackers from executing generic Matlab code through embedding it in an XML or '[ ]' command.)
  • Add color and figure title response to server running or not

Low-level Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Add error trapping for load of MAT file
  • Fix error in comments saying that concatenation would be row-wise using data|data (it is column-wise)
  • Add ability to pass y-block info in data (using column labels)
  • Add debug on/off commands to trigger control over socketserver "debug" option
  • Add full-time "debug" option and tie into giving more verbose error messages (as well as timing details)
  • Revise message-posting method to improve speed (queue but do not display messages during a connection)
  • Add disabling of timestamping (improves response speed)
  • Add additional test to parser for "options" input to speed up response time
  • Add customization of window title
  • Fix mistaken references to alias field ".predictions" (should be singular .prediction)
  • Fix index.html to be generic for server address
  • Add true support for "post" calls
  • Fix for broken-up POST message
  • Send "bad request" when no message comes through
  • Perform wait for file test only after socket timeout period (improves speed of socket connections)